TheoryTab Modification Request (and a bug!)

Hi folks! I just submitted a (REALLY cool!) song from Willow Smith’s forthcoming album, and the database kinda borked the title. It is stylized " it’s my fault". I wasn’t entirely sure the database would accept this title, and was prepared to get rid of the brackets if it rejected it. But it accepted it! Except… it didn’t; it submitted successfully but deleted “”. Probably interpreted it as an HTML tag or something?

Anyway, I’m posting to

  1. Request that the title be changed to add “maybe” at the start
  2. Report a bug: When submitting a TheoryTab with <*> in the title (and presumably artist too), it doesn’t reject the submission and give a message about what characters are allowed.

EDIT: I’m also submitting an additional bug! the brackets don’t work on this forum either! So I’m instead posting an IMAGE of the title I submitted :grin::

I renamed it with round brackets. Is this ok?

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