TheoryTab Modification/Deletion Requests

This should be removed, as the title and artist are reversed.

This should be renamed “Hold The Girl”

I tried emailing for the latter issue about a week ago, but have yet to hear back. If this isn’t the correct venue for this, please tell me where!


I didn’t delete the first song as I could just swap artists and title. I renamed the second song as well.



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Thanks Dennis! With the first song, I had reuploaded it with the error corrected, so now the correct one has two choruses :grin:

Is this the best place to ask for these changes?

Oh wow. I tried to delete one of those two Choruses and now with are gone. I am very sorry. Hopefully you have still saved a Hookpad project so you could resubmit the Chorus again?

I think both places should be fine to ask for changes, but maybe you got a bad timing in the middle of the summer etc.

All good. Thanks for your help!