TheoryTab Database search not working

No search results show up in the database search bar


Glad I’m not only one lol

Same here, search itself isn’t working either

Fixed sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting



This is another artist that doesn’t show in the search

Wow, that one doesn’t even show up on the alphabetical list of artists, because it just cuts off at MIL.

there is a second page on the bottom left

How did I not see that, it’s even on my screenshot :joy: :joy: :joy:

Now that I was able to look at your TheoryTab, this seems to be part of an issue that I’ve already reported in this post:

Thank you all for your reports we’re looking into it.

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Thanks for the bug report, we had a weird bug that was causing our databse indexing to only process the first 50,000 tabs. Once you all analyzed more than 50,000 (presumably on 4/28) it wasn’t indexing the remaining ones. We fixed that and it should be working now. Please note that the database indexes nightly, so you may need to wait a day before a tab becomes discoverable.



whyy did you delete the 50,000 theorytab

Many older tabs I made still won’t show in the search. They used to appear, but stopped after some edits were made. I’m not sure what causes this.

Strange… that’s clearly being indexed, will need to investigate

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