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TheoryTab Database "Error 500," Can't view any songs

I can’t seem to get TheoryTab to work at all the past few days. Every track I’ve clicked on gives me a 500 error, even new, freshly uploaded songs. I’m not sure if this is an issue everyone’s been having or just something on my end, but I would really appreciate some help. This has become one of my favorite websites to use.

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Global issues I guess
(we all are waiting for them to solve the problem)

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Oh good its not just me. I was feeling like it was too good to be true when I first came to this amazing educational tool. I really enjoy being a member of this community and will be very happy to see this error 500 resolved.

YEAH SAME PROBLEM, at first i thought it was a copyright issue because most of my theory collection tracks are from the beatles but literaly any song i click on gives me an Error 500 message and tells me to watch rick astley, hookpad works fine though!

The issue just started again @Ryan @dave @chris

Sorry all, looking into it

Hi all, issue has been fixed, thanks for the report!

No, it is still not working and I’m still getting the error on all songs by camellia