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TheoryTab can't load

There aren’t any lyrics or anything, it just can’t load

I’m able to load that page fine. https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/smash-mouth/all-star---english-madrigal-version

Are you still having issues?

@chris for me at least, the text next to ‘Piano’ says ‘(Loading 0%)’ and it can’t play the piano. However if I play the YouTube video then switch to piano while it’s playing, it works. But it doesn’t work if I set it to piano before playing it

@chris so can you fix it

I’ll add it to our list. Best option for now is wait until the YouTube finishes and then click the Piano radio.

@chris I don’t think it has anything to do with YouTube because if I go to the ‘popular chords’ page then it happens there as well

Heh @Vaz123, made some progress on this today.

Now it pretty much works as I think it should. You can click the “piano” radio immediately and play. Also all tabs on the page share a common instrumental player and are properly informed of the download progress of the sound assets. There was definitely some weird stuff going on before that we honestly still don’t fully understand; but the change I made today fixed all of these issues.

The only thing we still need to fix is if you are playing instrumental or YouTube on a tab and then scroll down and another tab comes into view and loads (tabs load on demand, based on scroll depth), the loading of the new tab glitches playback on whatever one is currently playing. This happens both for YouTube and instrumental playback. I have fixes in mind for both but have not implemented them.

@Vaz123, made an additional improvement today which is now for YouTube playback, if one tab is playing through YouTube and you scroll down and another tab comes into view and loads (tabs load on demand, based on scroll depth), it does not cue re-cue the YouTube player and interrupt the existing playback. Still working on a solution like this for the instrumental player.

@chris Could you also fix this bug