TheoryTab Audio Issues

Audio does not work on most TheoryTabs that have pickup measures.

Thanks for the report, could you link an example that isn’t working? we’re not seeing any obvious bugs on our end.

The piano audio for the verse section stops working after the pickup in this one. The sections without pickup work fine.

Strange, it worked fine for me the first few times, and then after I switched to youtube and back it exhibited the behavior you’re describing, but now I can’t make it happen again. Is it broken for you every time?

Yes, it is broken every time for me.

This problem is still happening for most TheoryTabs that have a pickup measure.

In the linked page, you can hear the audio cut out for sections that have a pickup measure. The audio is fine for the section that doesn’t have a pickup measure. This has been happening for a while, and I really hope there’s a fix for it soon.

Has this issue been fixed with the new update? I’m still having audio problems with most sections that have a pickup. Here’s another example:

I’m just gonna keep posting tabs that exhibit this problem, until someone does something to fix it. Anyway here’s one where the chorus has a pickup, and therefore has no audio, whereas the rest of the sections work fine.

Hey Quentin, thank you for your passion! It’s on our to-fix list but it might take some time to get to it.



gotcha, sorry for being so incessant lol

no problem, we appreciate the help! sorry this hasn’t been fixed yet, we’ve identified the problem so hopefully get get this resolved shortly.

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This issue is now fixed in the newest version of theorytab player.

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Yes! Thank you so much!