Theorytab and lyrics

The other day I was analyzing Red Swan and while analyzing the chorus, I put in lyrics to help with aligning the note lengths to the lyrics. I got the usual warning about lyrics and Hookpad+, ignored it, and analyzed as usual.

When I submitted the tab to Theorytab, I expected it to strip the lyrics like it used to do. However, the lyrics show up on the Theorytab page, albeit with the custom line lengths (1 measure for pickup, 1 measure for output) realigned to have the last line have 8 measures. Not sure if that’s aside effect of exporting lyrics with the tab, but lyric support in Theorytab is something I should go test.

I’ve just posted an attempt to intentionally have lyrics in a Theorytab with Requiem der Morgenrote, although it looks like the tab is taking longer than usual to load, or it got glitched when submitting the lyrics.

Yeah we forgot to strip out lyrics in the new theorytab version and are also aware of tabs potentially not loading after adding lyrics. Still looking into why it crashes and a fix… (in the meantime try not to add any more lyrics to tabs :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the report.


I manually stripped the lyrics for now, but the tab still fails to load on the main tab page. However, looking at the guitar/piano fingerings makes it load in correctly.