The band sound cannot be loaded. Window does not disappear

As I mentioned before, when loading a band sound it stops at 93% and the window does not disappear. Therefore, the instrument cannot be changed. I use googlechrome. You can load it in secret mode, but not in normal mode. Please tell me the solution
The symptoms are the same even if the PC is changed. It can be loaded on an Android smartphone.

Hi @hsakamoto, we’re trying to figure out why this is happening in some cases. Can you see if clearing your browser cache fixes the issue?

Another thing that might give us some information is if you open the chrome debug console using cmd+option+i, selecting the network tab, then reloading the page. When the sound fails to load, there should be some information about which resource didn’t load (red list items)

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It seems that it could not be loaded because it was working.
After setting off and deleting the cache
The window could be loaded and the window disappeared.
Thank you very much.
Completed without incident.
This is safe
“Hookpad” looks like you can enjoy life
I apologize to you for a fuss over