Thanks to the Hooktheory Team

Not long ago I emailed support asking for a feature that allows me to organize my musical structure. I was promptly informed that this was being adding to the coming update. Last night I decided to start composing a new piece and found the update included naming sections and more! This project is quite large for a low-yearly cost so I wanted to extend a thank you to the team involved. Having a background in coding I appreciate the consistent updates. Keep up the good work!


Let me throw in my appreciation for Hooktheory in general for being the best songwriting tool I’ve used in my entire life. It works perfectly for how my brain works and lets me get music down from a thought instantaneously compared to Finale. I credit Hooktheory with making me a much better musician because of how fast I can write and iterate music in it. I would not want to imagine living without this application for the absolute joy it brings me on a regular basis.

I’d happily live without Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, or Google Chrome in exchange for keeping Hooktheory around.


@Matz1 and @emeraldnext, you are so very welcome and thank you for this awesome note!

Hookpad wouldn’t be what it is today without all of the fantastic suggestions from our users and also our crazy good bug reporters and the amazing community of TheoryTab contributors.

So I’ll turn it around and use this as an opportunity to thank all of our users and everyone on this forum. We truly appreciate all of you and it’s an honor and joy to be on this musical journey with you.