Tempo speeds up when trying to link tab to youtube

Im trying to sync a youtube video to a TheoryTab that I created, but when i try to playback the sync, for some reason the playhead moves across the notes faster than the tempo that I have set.

Hey @DisplayName
the tempo gets automatically set based on where you put the sync markers for the song. In other words, if you want to analyze 8 bars of music and you do that and also set the start/end times on the video to match exactly the section you’ve analyzed, the playback will just work (there’s no need to set a tempo). Make sense?


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AS @dave said, this is due to the playback with Youtube audio being based on the length of the audio slice you selected. Because your problem here is the cursor moving faster than your set tempo, that means either the tempo you set is too slow, or the phrase in the Youtube video is less than 8 measures.

As a tip, when you have selected the audio in the Youtube video, have Hookpad set the tempo automatically (Tempo > Match Youtube). Now the instrumental playback will be just as fast (or slow) as the Youtube playback.

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