Tempo Incongruency between Youtube Files and Hookpad Editor

Hello, this is my first time posting. I just discovered the site today and am so happy to see that something like this exists, let alone in the public domain. So before I offer this critique, I want to say congrats and thank you!

Okay, so this afternoon I made my first attempt at coding a song. If a moderator is looking at this and would like to see specifically what I’m talking about, you can find the file saved under my username.

Essentially, I chose a song and uploaded the youtube video. Hookpad recognized it as having a tempo of just over 300 BPM, which is not accurate. The actual bpm is half that (around 148). The trouble is, when I adjusted the bpm in the midi editor and then play it back with the video, the midi sequencer plays back at the 300 BPM speed. When I play the midi by itself, it plays at the 148 bpm speed that I want it to.

Is this a bug in the software or merely a lack of understanding on my part?

I just tried working on a second video. The same issue came up. The youtube video registers at 82 bpm but the actual song seems to be at 80 bpm. I adjust this in the bpm field but it doesn’t adjust the speed at which it plays through the midi file. It seems like the perceived tempo of the video dictates the speed of playback for the midi, regardless of what I input, and the only influence of the bpm option is for midi piano playback. Again, I wonder if I’m missing something here or if I’ve found a bug in the system.

@EzraZebra thanks for the kind words and glad you’re liking the site!

To answer your question about tempos: this can be a little confusing. When syncing a YouTube video with an analysis you need to set the start time and end time exactly correct with the section you have analyzed. This ensures the notes line up with the music.

After you have done this, clicking the sync tempo with you tube will use those start end end times to calculate the tempo for midi playback. But t this is really just for convenience. The tempo is determined entirely by the start and end times of your sync.

Hope that helps!

I’m not sure I’m following. The youtube song I used has a tempo of 98. I selected a section of the music after having set the tempo for the hookpad measures. I put the chords down and when pressing the red youtube play the song lines up with the measures but when I press the yellow midi play its playing 2x slower. I would assume this is to do with the automatic youtube tempo sync? When I press that button the tempo comes in at 192. Home by Vexento Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

Here the problem was that you had selected 8 bars of music but the Youtube playback only had 4 bars in the same time. The chords are changing every second beat, not every fourth. I edited the song and synced it.