Tempo and video problem when transferring to TheoryTab?

Hi guys! I have a slight problem with this tab I’m trying to transfer. The problem is in the verse section. When I tried to load a Youtube video while in edit mode, it says, “Loading video failed. You may have been disconnected from the internet”? Hence, when I tried to export it without the video, the tempo suddenly changes to 227 bpm when it should be 113. But when I tried to edit it again, in the edit mode, the bpm changes back to 113. What’s happening? Help pls.

Songs that have been synced to YouTube try to use that to set the tempo which might be messing things up. What happens if you change the tempo manually after you load the song and then try to export your mix.

I get the same problem.

I have also tried to edit the second part to match the first but it still shows the wrong tempo. So I have the intro at 133 and the verse at 128, using the same video.

Hope it can be fixed at some point.