Tab Glitching on Export

So this has happened to me twice so far. Ive made a tab to add to a previously existing tab, for me these were “Silhouettes by Avicii” and “This Is Halloween by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman”. Basically I upload the tab however it created a new one even though i make sure that the artist and song title are exactly the same, it is also impossible to view the one I uploaded since it is hidden behind the correct one, and when I try to reupload it tells me its already in the database, however when I follow the link it get “Error: 400” Screenshots included below.

here are the links:

Silhouettes -
This Is Halloween -

Screen shots of the error I get.

Okay this has happened to me again after I just spend a good 20 minutes tabbing “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore, do admins even check the forums anymore?

@TomNicks very sorry about not responding to your first message (I had read it and meant to look into it further but got distracted by something else). I have looked into this and verified that there is an entry for all the songs you mentioned in the database - as you said they’re just not showing up. Looking at the raw data, I have a hunch why these sections are not displaying. I will let you you know when I have a solution.

Thanks for reporting the bug.


Thats alright! Just slightly annoyed was all, hopefully it can get fixed up :smile:

Happened again for my Alesso Heroes Intro, just thought id keep them all listed here so that I dont forget.

Your additional sections of Concerning Hobbits, Halloween, and Silhouettes all should show up correctly now

For Alesso Heroes, I see the version attached to your account but not a the copy associated with the corresponding wiki entry. Did you already try to add that?

It looks like the issue occurs when you add a new section to a pre-existing song in the wiki and add an extra space after the title, i.e "Halloween " as opposed to “Halloween”. We should be parsing that out obviously, and will have a fix for it, but in the meantime you can avoid the issue by not adding extra blank space at the end the song titles when you transfer.

Sorry for this bug and thanks for persisting in reporting it to us. We hope to have it resolved soon.

If it happens again, either because this doesn’t completely solve the problem, or because you accidentally add a space again, let me know and I’ll fix it/look into it.



Hey Dave, Sorry to have to bother you again but its done it again! This time it was for I’ll Make A Man Out Of You by Disney. Im pretty sure there wasnt a space in the title I entered as I just control copied the name from the original tab. If you could fix it up that would be great :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look. Could be a different problem. Thanks for being proactive about reporting this stuff.