Systematic way to learn and study with Hooktab?

This program is amazing! I want to use it to learn to improvise.

Rather than just randomly starting, is there any type of structured approach anyone has found to studying improvising with Hookpad? Or, maybe everyone just dives in randomly?



Hi Gary,

to practice improvising, Hookpad can help you to quickly set up a practice song. Just write down a 4 bar chord progression or even select one of the progressions Hookpad provides you with. Next activate your loop and set it up to loop your four bars. Now you can select a band template in the band browser, adjust the tempo and the key of the song and you can start improvising to that playback.
In the preferences you can enable “Show Melody Guides” which will show you which notes fit for each chord.
If you want to improvise on a midi keyboard you can click the “Lock” button which will prevent any note from being written and you can just hear what you play.

Thank you. I will try it all. Very cool app you guys made!