Switch off the automatic reset function

If I´m right the chord staff automatic resets to the "normal " chords when entering a new chord (after having siwtched to all “7”-chords for example). But there are situations - especially in jazz songs - one would have the choice of several “7”-chords from the chord staff. So it would be heplful one could pick and enter all necessary chords from the “7”-chords stuff until resetting manually to the
normal chord stuff. This program behavior could be switched in the settings menu with the previous function as “default” - for users which don´t want the new function.
Best regards.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

One way in Hookpad to easily write a bunch of 7-chords is to first write all chords in “standard mode”, then select all of them and click on the 7 check box. Now all selected chords will be changed to 7-chords.

This is perhaps not as convenient as your proposal but it’s much quicker than switching to 7-mode for each individual chord.