Support for tritone substitutions?

Tritone substitution is a super common chord substitution used in lots of music. It would be great to be able to easily input these, without doing any weird tricks with borrowed chords, because that’s not what tritone substitution is.

I’ve made a very quick mockup of how it could be implemented. When you select secondary dominant, you get the option to make it a tritone substitution. (subV/V for example).

Quick mockup


@sylrs great idea. Agree that this would be a cool/useful feature, let me think about it a bit and see what it would take


Hey this would be a great feature. Thanks!


I think we’ve landed on is a variant of @sylrs’s suggestion by adding a bII/x option in the secondary chord selection (where 7th chords would be dominant by default). This effectively allows for a tritone substitution on any chord where an applied dominant is allowed, and should be a relatively straightforward addition…

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Will it replace all instances of ii/ or is it distinct from that? Some tabs, and I believe one of the books, still refer to the now inaccessible viiø7/ applied chord. I don’t think we should do the same here.

No this will be a special case. And yeah we need to fix the viiø7/ x examples.

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That’s great to hear. Good solution too, I think. Looking forward to it.

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Please please please… we need this so much…

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Sounds like a great solution for a sorely needed feature. Any news on when this might happen?