Support for side slipping

Please add support for side slipping. I know that term is somewhat overloaded even in music theory, so what I mean specifically is the ability to sharp or flat any chord.

You recently added a demo song (Giant’s Dance (Folk Metal)) that makes extensive use of side slipping, and the convoluted chord names used to achieve it highlight the need for a simpler method:

♭i instead of ♯vii(♯5)(maj)
♯i instead of vii(♯5)maj/ii(maj)

When a chord is borrowed from another mode, sometimes it is necessary to prepend its name with a ♯ or ♭, and using the same notation for non-borrowed chords that are simply sharped or flatted might be confusing. However, borrowed chords also state their originating mode underneath in parentheses, and sharped or flatted chords wouldn’t have that, unless they also happen to be borrowed (in which case they might even need a ♮, 𝄫, or 𝄪).

However you choose to implement this, it should also be capable of stacking multiple sharps and flats, as demonstrated by this very same demo song in measures 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, and 60.