Suggestions for chord crush improvement

It would be nice if there were an option that allowed you to remove all pre-filled chords in the progression. That way you answer for each chord. Or to select how many chords are pre-filled in for you.

It would also be useful to expand the chord selection list for the puzzles… sometimes there are only 3 chords, with the only obvious minor being given… so it is easy to choose from the limited chords available rather than hearing the chord. This would make it about hearing the progression rather than guessing from the limited selection.

The ability to click on a chord block and hear it out of context would be useful. Repeating a long and slow chord progression when all you want to do is hear the single chord would help develop the ear.

Speeding up the playback if wanted.

The ability to turn off the fireworks celebrating streaks and milestones… they keep you from advancing to the next question and slows things down.

Refine the elo to make more sense and cater to improving weaknesses rather than jumping about without rhyme.

Be able to directly select the key you want to work in rather than hack around this by jumping in and out of customized chords to get the key.
This is because the cadences are different for each key, some ascending and some descending and if you are always stuck in the key of C you only hear the cadence voiced the same way.

Specific chords, and chord categories need to give more points per solved puzzle than 1 or 2 points. Yes, it is for learning, but the gamification is useful and you should be able to get points for working in this field.

Spend less time policing the comments in community and catering to people asking for bans and other silly things and improve a product that people are paying a subscription for but that has not been upgraded in a very long time.

I agree with you about these

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