Suggestion: Song comments or note section

Just a small (and easy?) yet handy feature would be to have a free text space where I could write some notes while working on a particular song.

For example to the right side of the zone where the notes/chords information/options is displayed.

All the best with the evolution of the software!


Yes please.
I would absolutely love to have this feature also.

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Has there been any exploration of this? It seems like it would be easy to implement, and it would be helpful for instance, to be able to make a note of “I got this chord progression from X” or “I was thinking this could be used this way” etc

In case anyone else runs into this problem, I was able to keep notes by putting underscore-100-underscore (which inserts 100 blank words) at the end of the lyrics section and adding comments there

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Yeah, but what if the said comment was long? like EXTRA long. So long that Hooktheory users who use it for free can’t type any further? That would be a problem :grimacing: Getting a notepad into the software would be cool though :smiley: