Suggestion for the website : newsfeed

Hello guys, I have a suggestion for the website, not the hookpad app, which is really great, but in my opinion the website is really outdated

I find that the website in itself have a super old school organization, it’s always displaying the same old welcome page with the same songs game of thrones, katy perry, get lucky etc. And one top of that it’s quite clumsy and laggy

I personally think that is a waste of super valuable space. Why not give it a modern newsfeed look just like social medias, where it shows you the latest popular songs that were added, so that the welcome main page is something relevant and not just a product presentation, and you can scroll vertically and can quickly see and play each one of them

Why not go even further and displaying the whole thing like an actual app, so that when you Scroll down with your finger it changes the page, like instagram reels, so that you don’t overload one page with too much data making it laggy, so each time you scroll you have one different song from the latest ones.

I know that may represent too much work and it is not the direction the team is going for, since it’s more focused in the actual hookpad app, but I just wanted to make the suggestion since I know a lot of friends that were off put by the look and the old school feel of the whole thing