Stop tambourine and where to see the duration of the project

I have a question and I don’t know how to make a tambourine stop, for example, in the middle of the 4x4 beat

And I have another question, where can I see how many minutes I’ve been into the project? In fact, it seems that it continues playing throughout the song even if there are no chords.

Hey Alons,

thank you for your questions. The only way to stop a tambourine at a specific bar is to select that bar and insert a band change marker. This will create a new band at that position. Just delete the tambourine at that second band and now it stops there.

To see the length of a song, there is a setting called “Show Timestamps” which will show the current time at each section flag.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 08.30.59

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the answer, but what if I want to stop the tambourine in the middle of the bar?

first do the change band assignment to the bar (#6) following the bar where you want to stop the tambourine (#5). note this this change band preserves to current band settings, if you don’t want to preserve the band setting after you drop the tambourine, skip this step.

then split the first bar (#5) into 2 - e.g. set beats to 2 on a 4 beat bar will result in 2 bars of 2 beats,


then set the change band onto the second bar (new #6) of the split pair (5 & 6).


this will let you edit the change band (“Band 2”) to remove the tambourine, and the next change band (“Band 3”) to resume (if desired), or simply let “Band 2” carry on until the next band change.

NOTE - depending on drum settings the meter and band changes can introduce fills and breaks as well.


Ok thanks, I was obsessed with changing the beats and not the metrics.
All the best.

Sorry, but I have activated the show timestamps box and I have clicked on done and it does not appear or I do not see it in the section box or anywhere else.
Maybe I’m the one who doesn’t see well.

the change meter is to split the measure so you can change the instruments, not specifically to change the time signature… so if you wanted a way to stop something mid-measure, it was a suggestion on how to do it.

How many sections do you have in your song. It doesn’t appear in the first section, but the 2nd seciont and all following sections should show time stamps.

Indeed, I only have one section, I didn’t know that you have to have more than one for the time to appear, which I don’t understand why.
I have created more to test and yes, it works.
Thank you.

Yes, I thought a timestamp of 0:00 for the first section is nothing worth to show. But I’m glad it works for you now.