Sticky Thread for Incorrect Title or Author Mistakes

Can we get a thread stickied to the top of the forums for any mistakes that need to be fixed? It would be a lot simpler & less of a hassle than trying to message the admins every time something needs to be corrected.


I’m also gonna use this opportunity to share this list of a bunch of incorrect composers that need to be edited:

(Link leads to a .txt file)

Gonna bump this thread if only for the list of incorrect composers that still need to be fixed that I posted above

I should probably update the list, since there’s probably more stuff that needs to be fixed lol

Bumping because I was reminded thanks to @HLR_64’s artist credit thread.

Bump. There really should be someone else whose dedicated job is just fixing stuff, since I know you guys are busy as developers.


Bump. This is something I really want to see addressed at some point. People make mistakes, or just don’t know, so they need to be fixed. It happens. But it needs to be addressed.

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Let me state this outright just for clarity’s sake:

The Dropbox link that was posted earlier in this thread (which yes, is still active) has a text file I compiled containing links to Theorytabs along with any title and/or composer credits that should be changed. I would compile an updated list, but with the sheer number of songs in the database, I’d at least want this first batch to get fixed before diving back in again. In case you’re wondering, you don’t even need to download the file since Dropbox displays the text right in your browser. How convenient!

Why have I done this? Because I think proper composer/artist attribution is something that often falls by the wayside, and given Theorytab’s user-submitted nature that’s something that is often not fulfilled. Normally, there’s usually some sort of intermediary process between uploading & publishing, but with Theorytab it’s automatic. This is great in terms of user accessibility, but means that accuracy is lost.

Why am I making this long explanation? Because I’m sure you guys read all these posts, but as of yet have not responded. So, if you think that I’m dumb or that I’m wasting my time, I ask that you please tell me that directly instead of just ignoring it. At least that way I know where I stand.


Bump. Please say something, even if it’s just to chastise me.


There’s been a lot more activity regarding the Video Games section on-site. Now might be a good time to fix these mistakes.



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