Staves are not displaying anymore

Hello, Hello,
Since today, when I open any of my existing projects on your website, only the first staff is displayed. All other staves show “rendering”. Is the site under maintenance? This is the first time this has happened to me.

@yonix, we’re seeing this issue on Firefox right now, but not on other browsers. We’re looking into why this might be the case. If you resize your browser window it will draw the rest of the staves, but for some reason it’s not doing it when the page loads.

Hi Ryan and thank you for your help. I don’t know why, but now the scopes are fully displayed, even on Firefox. However, the export function does not work at all, even on another browser. "bouncing audio is stuck at 0 %. Once downloaded, my projects do not play anything.

The staves not displaying was a bug fixed in 2.24.1.

The issue with export will be fixed shortly, in the meantime you can use the measure export function which should be working correctly.

Measure export function works for WAV but not for MP3.