Standard music notation

I’m looking at getting into Hooktheory etc. but am just wondering if it will compliment my other studies which include traditional music theory. What I’m really looking for is the kind of information Hooktheory provides but am concerned that the system it uses might confuse my other studies as I want to study something that helps me understand standard notation more. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

Hey @Arnie
I would definitely consider the system complimentary to “traditional” music theory. In addition to our interest in explaining popular music, we have classical backgrounds. The theory we discuss is very much inspired from classical music theory and will not conflict. Obviously if your main interest is learning to read conventional sheet music, our system won’t help much. On the other hand, you’ll find conventional sheet music useful for playing music and our system really useful for understanding it.


Thanks for the reply Dave. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and decided to take up keyboard and have been enjoying learning/brushing up on theory, especially standard notation. The more I think about it though I’m not too bothered about how I learn, so long as my understanding, and ultimately playing, improve so I guess I’ll give your system a whirl.

Thanks again :blush:

Sometimes deliberate what notes to use in the melody can be the tough part. Once you’ve select some chords, Hookpad can help you choose notes for your melody by accent the notes that are in the chords you’ve written. That way you can see instantly which notes will sound further stable (the colored notes, as shown below) and which notes will make a new discordant sound (the white notes).

Hello Arnie,

Just gone through Hooktheory II. I’ve been through a lot of theory over the years mainly from a jazz perspective (Berkley docs etc). TMO HK-II is indeed explaining it in more formal convention. (Which I like because I want to use their software)