Splitting The Octave Barrier?

Hello all you great meistros out there… [And all you other people who may still happen to know]

I have come into a peculiar and unexpected ‘situation’ where I am needing a half note drop between 2 different octaves, but there seems to be no option for this directly.

My current experience is, that while INSIDE of an octave, I can split notes all I want, but I can not BRIDGE OVER the edges of an octave for a desperately needed note!

Since I play guitar, where every single frequency is attainable [since frets are more of a suggestion than a requirement, many of you bassists and lead electric rock guitarist know well what I am saying here], and I am seeking just such a string split, I am seeking a way to reach that [seemingly] ‘forbidden note’, if anybunny here can help.

Duh Bunneh Wabbut
bassist, lyricist and lead vocalist of the “Bleeding Cyanide” virtual band project.

In the chord section exceeding the octave barrier is currently not possible. How ever you could just write the baseline inside for example voice 4 of the melody section and there you can do all the octave jumps you want.
Please let me know if this helped.