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SPLIT note duration function issue

Unable to turn split function off once it has been enabled.
Every click on a note results in it being split.
So frustrating.
Reported this nearly 2 months ago
Has anyone else experienced this problem.

Even opening a new project doesn’t resolve it.
Have to close the browser tab and open a project in a different browser tab.

@downunder, behavior is supposed to be

  1. click “split”. the button turns blue and cursor turns into a vertical line when hovering over chords/notes
  2. click a chord or note to split
  3. the split button automatically deselects and you’re on your way.

official docs on splitting: https://www.hooktheory.com/support/hookpad#notes-splitting

Is this not happening for you?

Follow up: This can happen when you use the keyboard shortcut for split, which is the forwardslash (/) key.

Try hitting forwardslash (/) to toggle the split action and see if this fixes it.

Hi Chris

Thanks for your response

The split function fails to turn itself off after an initial split.

Interestingly though the the cursor is no longer a vertical line
but a pointed hand, and it still splits notes when clicking on them.

Using the the keyboard shortcut doesn’t turn it off either.

@downunder I messed around with the split function a bit and can’t get the bug you’re mentioning

Same problem here (windows11). Solved with “/” in combination with Ctrl, Shift or Alt