Specific project won't open

I was working on a project in Hookpad+ and everything was going fine. When I enabled MIDI on one of my devices everything worked then all of a sudden the page just went white.

Even now after trying to reload the page (post clearing cache and such) I still see just a white page when trying to load ONLY this specific project.

I also see this output in the console:

main.4ee7e076-public.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘-1’ of undefined
at main.4ee7e076-public.js:1
at _0x504817.(anonymous function) [as __iterate] (https://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad-app/2.1.0/static/js/main.4ee7e076-public.js:1:1299440)
at _0x504817.forEach (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at _0x53c0c9.value (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at _0x47c4c2.value (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at _0x47c4c2.value (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at new _0x47c4c2 (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at _0x40bbfa.value (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at new _0x40bbfa (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)
at _0x278e69.value (main.4ee7e076-public.js:1)

@topgunner222 There was a midi issue that was recently fixed. Is this still happening? If still a problem, can you send support and email with the name of the song this is happening on and we can take a look