Specialized category for Theorytab-specific fixes

Some operations on existing Theorytabs in the database can only be performed by the staff as of now, such as:

  • Modifying Theorytab titles
  • Renaming artists for individual Theorytabs or all of them under the same mistyped artist
  • Changing the section names of Theorytabs within songs
  • Modifying the time signature of Theorytabs (though this is not really possible without at the same time changing the content)
  • Deleting or merging Theorytabs

Users of the Theorytab database have the responsibility to fix these mistakes, and I believe that they should have also the ability to notify the Hooktheory staff of these mistakes irrevocable by users, in a centralized environment since the users have more knowledge as a collective whole than the staff when it comes to settling on such questions as “this part belongs to Outro instead of Chorus”.

The fact that only staff can edit the things in your points above is stupid. Shouldn’t the creator of the Theorytab at least get that access?

What makes this worse is that this post is from June 2014 with no replies whatsoever, which means that this forum has few users and/or is not on the front page with a button that says “Forum is here”.