Sound keeps going out making it not usable

I just signed up a day or so ago and at first i was liking this but the more i try and work on things i keep getting the sound going out.

Right now the sound all went out so I have no sound on playback so cant get anything done.
Even clicking on a note or chord I get no sound now.

I can click on the click and that works but I get no instrument sounds on playback. iTS DEAD.

I had to start a new project to get the sound back and now on playback it is dropping notes not playing them sometimes. It will many times drop and not play many notes in a row,

Looping makes it ever worse as it loops it drops notes on play back of many notes so I can not make a good edit as it keep not playing the note or notes as I move them.

This is the first day I am really trying to make a song and HookPad it is not working right to do so.