Sound in Hookpad 2 isn't functioning

I went to load up Hookpad 2 this morning and there was no audio whatsoever. I did notice that the “Loading Sounds” pop-up didn’t appear, so it may be related to that. When I tried loading a previous song from my library, the pop-up appeared for a second or, stayed at 0%, and then disappeared; the sound didn’t work in this situation either. Also, when clicking on the band option, it says, “Please wait while the instrument library loads…”; however, it never loads. I have a feeling these issues may be interconnected. Hopefully, it won’t be long before this is fixed.

@DarkethVoid, did this resolve itself? Sounds like maybe you didn’t have an internet connection.

It did resolve itself, my internet connection was fine; however, Hookpad just seemed to be taking a long time, longer than usual at least.