Song writing lyrics needed ...A lot of help

Ok so long story short, my ex made music. He was very talented, played every instrument and and wrote songs that he pieced together that stick with you forever. He died in December… Im leaving all the emo details out. Im just learning how to play guitar. I got triads down and that’s about it but i want to fill in this song he made that was incredible.
Im gonna tell you the lyrics i recall and then the parts im filling in to describe the beat and all so maybe I can get some chord help too?. Id appreciate it. We were together 10 years and engaged so it would mean a lot if I could honor and have the best thing of his.

The vibe was almost a little sublime, especially “what i got reprise” in the musical breakdowns but his friend sang the bridge a lil deeper which reminded me more of everlast or citizen cope, deep funky rasp. W a lil folk
The song sounds like it was about a girl but as the lyrics go on, u learn its about his guitar…
The beginning had lower Melody with more beat sounds like guitar tapping element. Thats kinda of a clue what its reall about…

He says: its so nice (thump thump guitar) i wanna hit it twice

Melody into chorus:

Ohh baby its a beautiful thing
When you stand up beside me and you start to
I dont care about not a thing in this cold. Cold world

More lines a cant remember with same sound

And then his friends deeper voice comes in the bridge and the beat becomes slower and more instrumental (only guitar):

Ive been roaming from town to town
With you strapped on may back
( A few more lines)
The worst days of my life
Are the days… i …put… you… down

Here is when the “what i got Reprise” rift beat comes in which im not too sure how to do but i can work that out maybe w suggestions on how to change it just enough to be different and fit this song

Ok so the chords i played that sounded ok…idk if they even go together under the key like i played them

The main strum pattern is like


G C A D.
The line “in this cold cold world” slows down so i play like 3 down strums on both cadd9 and what i call Gadd9. Idk if it is but its the same type of way the c is played…i actually call them “easy c, easy g”

So really i need some good fill in lyrics . Its not a long song… maybe an extra verse, and a few new lines in the bridge

Then opinions and help with what my chords should actually be if its not right.
Its the key of G Major in my head but that might be wrong too. Thanks. This means a lot