Song Will Not Load


I have been trying to open a song that was saved on the cloud, but every time I click it to open, I am redirected to and see a blank white screen.

I was close to purchasing the subscription to hooktheory, but am concerned that I may be randomly losing material into which I’ve poured hours of time. Is there any way to recover this song, or has it become permanently corrupted somehow?


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I am also having this issue. I really hope someone replies soon. I will let you know if I hear anything on my forum

@Mpowers98 glad we were able to fix your issue (via separate support email - closing this forum post for completeness). @ajordanmd sorry for missing your earlier post. I don’t remember whether you sent an email to support. If not, it’s probably too late, but if you let me know the name of the song you were having an issue with we can take a look. It seems there may be a issue that can cause Hookpad to crash when opening saved songs that have become corrupted. Mpowers has provided some info that can help root cause it and hopefully it should be fixed shortly (it’s uncommon as you two are the only reports we’ve seen so far). Getting the corrupted song to load again is a simple matter, fortunately.