Song Form (repeats, D.C, etc...)

Is there any thought about adding song form elements? HookPad works so well in the songwriting classes I teach, but I am a bit surprised that you can’t specify sections and order those sections. If my student has two or three verses, they have to copy and paste each verse, then if they make changes to one verse they have to do it manually in the others. Being able to specify repeats signs, or even just create a roadmap (play mm1-32, then play mm1-16, then play mm32-48 etc…) would really be useful. Thanks for creating such a helpful instructional tool!


Totally agree! This is a big hold for me. I would also like to for code by section for ease of visualization.

Piling onto this, having some kind of support for starting from common song forms (32 bar blues/AABA) would be a nice add as well.

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