Someone's theorytab thread

Since my thread on the problem never got a reply I might as well just link em here and pretend I’m submitting them for real :smiley:

A few months ago I started picking up music theory hoping to learn to compose and play instruments one day and identifying scales has been my favorite part because I’ve sorta been doing it my whole life without knowing the names for any of these sounds!

New Digs by Trevor Morris is a modified version of the Iron Fist main theme (also composed by him) that’s in the scale of mixolydian flat6

Jonestown by Post Malone is another song in mixolydian flat6, the scale that really got me into music theory to begin with.

What Lies Beneath/Beneath the Ground by Yoko Shimomura are a pair of songs in Dorian #4 which is pretty rad.

Video Camera by AxisAxis is a regular ol song in minor key. Only the lead harmony is included here.

Sacrifice by liltommyj a plunderphonics track in minor.

and Cupcakes by Futret is in minor but isn’t regular at all! (If I were to submit this I’d have the chords as full blocks and not literalized, of course)

Ones already on the wiki that I’m adding to or modifying:

Live & Learn by Crush 40 is already on the wiki but this part ain’t

Rules of Nature by Jamie Christopherson has its two harmonies heavily blended together so, understandably, it’s a bit tricky to transcribe as a single voice and the publication already on the wiki had the melody slightly off. Correction.

Ones I successfully submitted before my account broke:

Seeing Red by liltommyj is a nice emotional plunderphonics track in mixolydian

Awoken by H8_Seed and Woodentoaster in Mixo b6, dorian, and harmonic minor. (While the lead isn’t that specific, open it in hookpad to see the full three voice harmony that makes the scales clear)