Some queries about note entry in Hookpad

In Hookpad how can I enter a tied note between bars 8 and 9? ie the final note of the first block of bars displayed on my screen and the first note of the next block further down the screen.

Also if I hold Alt to increase a note value it only seems to shuffle things along inside an 8 bar block; is there a way to do it for the whole song? I was trying this as a workaround for my previous question.

And finally how can I enter two notes to play at the same time in the melody? It sounds basic and I can see it’s been done in some of the YouTube analyses but I can’t find it in the documentation or get any key combinations to work?

I don’t think it’s possible to tie notes between bars on different lines. Hopefully that feature will be implemented soon…

Having multiple notes play at the same time is not an official feature, but it’s done using negative rests to jump back to the beginning of the melody. You can just fork an analysis that already uses it and then edit the notes.

Thanks for that - I had thought I must be missing something obvious!

You can’t. You have to resize the bars on each row such that notes across the row separator never tie or are long enough that the piano sample decays far enough.

That usually suffices to preserve the note durations and prevent from unnecessarily splitting notes. So far I have only encountered one song where notes are highly syncopated and it is impossible to separate two rows without splitting some notes; in that case I moved everything by half of a bar so that only one note is shortened by a quaver.

(What’s more surprising is how nobody else went on experimenting with negative rests for over three years after the staff did it, as shown on several early Theorytabs and one screenshot of the Hooktheory I app. Was forking Theorytabs a recent addition?)

Resize bars, how do I do that? I got round it by adding an extra bar of rests at the beginning of the piece to shuffle everything along if that’s what you mean.

Adjust the number of measures in your project

  • The project must match the number of measures that are in the YouTube clip you defined. For example, if you set the start and end markers for 8 measures of YouTube video’s music, you must set number of measures in your project to 8 as well.
  • You can drag the black square on the right of the melody area to remove/add measures from a track. TODO: add a gif showing this process
  • Click the “+” or “-” track buttons to add/remove tracks

This is from the manual.

@HertzDevil Forking Theorytabs is indeed a recent addition. Not forgetting your own sociopathy, of course

That “Verse” managed to fit without splitting any measure (the “verse” is in 7-8-7-8-7-7-7-9/8 time). There is no meaning to stop Hookpad users from analyzing songs that utilize additive time, and that could be implemented by either directly adding additive times in the menu, or allowing the number of beats to be specified individually for each bar, though I am not sure if support for additive time has high priority on the staff’s list given how many feature requests there have been on this forum.

Also, this is the Hooktheory forum. Please rid this forum of the same context of other places that we are used to.