Some more bugs in Hookpad 1.3.7

  • Although the current note’s octave should follow that of the previous one, Hookpad does not do so for the second note of a row if the first note is not a rest.
  • It seems that the note highlights and the cursor desynchronize when playing very long YouTube videos, only in the Hookpad editor.
  • Microsoft Edge always overrides Ctrl+1,2,3,4 to switch to the first/second tab etc., so these shortcuts are unavailable for switching between voices.
  • On opening a Theorytab, Hookpad automatically splits rests on measure boundaries, but this messes up the spacing of rest chords by assuming that all previous rows have no empty measures. For example, when this TheoryTab is loaded, the second part of each rest chord is shifted to the left by two measures because there are two empty measures on the first row (including the measure omitted from the TheoryTab by resizing the row). Rest notes are unaffected.