Some Feature Requests

Not a gripe this time but some ideas for consideration.

  1. One of the ways I’m learning to write melody ONLY requires the notes to be placed in any Bar at any time, HookPad forces linear melody writing ie Driving real fast up to stop sign and slamming on the brakes. Melodies are often planned in advance, and I’d like to be able to place notes in Bar 4, 7 or 8 without having to populate the whole thing with Rests first. Possible?

  2. Scenario: I’ve written an 8 bar melody, now I want the whole thing reduced by half to fit into 4 bars or increased to fit 16 bars or even 1 bar. Possible?

  3. Last but not least, I’m writing a melody, I have 4 bars populated and inspiration is lacking so I want to copy and paste the notes into the next 4 bars and then Flip or Mirror. Possible?

I would find a combination of all three very helpful for writing new melody.

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For 2: You can do that already, although it’s a bit manual.

Select the notes you want to change (if they’re all the same length, then select all of them), and change the note length as usual. If you need to add or remove measures, do so and do the process above in multiple parts.

…if they’re all the same length - but they’re not. Yes I know that thanks.