Some borrowed chords do not show in chord search

Non-modal borrowed chords (i.e, in the key of C: Dmaj7, Bmaj7, Ab Minor) do not show in chord search.
Using Firefox 91, but the issue appears to occur on Chromium 103 as well.

Not sure what you mean by “non-modal”, but all three of those chords appear to be showing up correctly.


All chords in Hookpad are represented functionally, and chord search is a reverse lookup where we have borrowed from key signtaures +/- 7 sharps/flats away from the home key. Depending on your home scale, this might be a natural diatonic mode like Mixolydian or Phrygian, but it may also be a so-called “supermode” that doesn’t have household name, in which case we use the subtext “bor” to denote the chord.

Because of this, you can’t find all chords in all keys. For example, you wouldn’t find a Fb major chord in the key of F# Major. In these cases we try to take an enharmonic equivalent:


On my end they don’t, the search returns nothing. Shown below:

I wanted to substitute a Cm for a C into an E minor key and the search couldn’t find it. Perhaps I’m trying something stupid; but how am I going to learn from my mistakes if Hookpad corrects me :slight_smile:

Marr’s post is the issue I’m having. By non-modal I’m referring to any chord that is denoted with “(bor)” (i.e, not distinctive or belonging to any particular mode, but still has chromatic notes). This appears to work on Chromium after an update, but still doesn’t work on Firefox 91.

Thanks for the info, this is really a strange issue, i’m not sure why there would be something associated with just these chords. Will investigate and report back

I have a lot of frustrations with how the chord search works as well. But a tip to get that Cm (minor bvi chord) in E minor is to switch the key to the relative Lydian (C Lydian), change the I to minor, and then change the key back to E minor

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The supermodes of the Harmonic Minor scale still aren’t in, so only 2 out of 12 possible mM7 chords are searchable in any given key (e.g. CmM7 and FmM7 in any C key). Trying to search the same chords with Tone Sets only produces chords with out-of-place alterations and inversions.

Looks like for some reason we had disabled some of the diatonic supermodes while fixing a bug a while back and hadn’t re-enabled them. I’ve pushed a new asset, so if you clear your cache it should work. @HertzDevil, fair point about only allowing 2 of the mM7 chords, it seems a bit arbitrary. The reason for this is that our backend only naturally supports Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant, but it would be relatively straightforward to at least extend the chord lookup to support the other ones.

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Works fine now, thank you!