Solution to Keep Vandelizer from returning

I may have a solution. This program checks whether an IP address can create another account based on the specified time limit. The can_create_account method returns True if the IP address is allowed to create an account or False if it’s blocked within the time limit. You can use this as it is, or make any changes if necessary.

import time

class AccountCreationBlocker:
    def __init__(self, time_limit=3600):
        self.ip_addresses = {}
        self.time_limit = time_limit
    def can_create_account(self, ip_address):
        current_time = time.time()
        if ip_address in self.ip_addresses:
            last_creation_time = self.ip_addresses[ip_address]
            if current_time - last_creation_time < self.time_limit:
                return False
                self.ip_addresses[ip_address] = current_time
                return True
            self.ip_addresses[ip_address] = current_time
            return True

# Example usage
blocker = AccountCreationBlocker()
ip_address1 = ""
ip_address2 = ""

print(blocker.can_create_account(ip_address1))  # Output: True
print(blocker.can_create_account(ip_address1))  # Output: False (within the time limit)
print(blocker.can_create_account(ip_address2))  # Output: True
# Wait for some time
time.sleep(3601)  # Sleep for more than the time limit
print(blocker.can_create_account(ip_address1))  # Output: True (time limit expired)
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