Solution for the Vandal Problem on DB

Most of you have noticed the rise of spam accounts going around and vandalizing the TheoryTab Database within the last six months. Why is this not being stopped? Moderation here is too underpowered for this kind of problem, so the vandalizers just keep on making accounts after the previous account got banned on and on…

Recently one of the co-founders, Dave said that they were going to implement a moderation system for senior community members and more actions for current moderators. There aren’t any features listed in that message so I will suggest some.

Senior community members should be able to:

  • Suspend member accounts from DB (two people need to vote an account to be banned so it works to prevent abuse)
  • Delete a TheoryTab

This already gives senior community members much more power against vandalizers. By “Senior Community Members”, I mean people that have been active in the community for over 12 months and have contributed to the Forum and TheoryTab positively (eg. Vaz123, Quentin136, SilentPaaw) They are handpicked by current moderators such as Leo, Ryan, and Dennis etc.

For current moderators they also have limited power, but all the powers they need are

  • IP Block

I have attached images to help you understand what the UI will look like for deleting tabs/users, warnings, etc.


@DSchwachhofer @dave
Just want to bump this thread. I know y’all are a small team, this type of thing might be low on the priority list, and it can be scary to hand over this type of power. But think of it this way: this type of feature will save you time. No more going in and dealing with these headaches yourself. It’s a weight off your shoulders. And the quality of the TheoryTab database - the foundation for all of your other products - will greatly improve.


I would love to be added to the team to help out! 1,600+ contributions under my belt haha @DSchwachhofer @dave @chicknz

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It would also be great for senior community members to be able to edit the names and artists of TheoryTabs. There are quite a few tabs that are perfectly good, but have a typo or other error in the name or artist, and it’s very strange that these errors can’t be fixed.


Yup. We need more punctuation, too. I know someone with html experience could get us some commas, periods, exclamation/question marks, etc.!

You can request TheoryTab name changes, page deletions, and section deletions via, but yeah it would be neat if I could make that change myself. Just depends on if I’ve built up a high enough level of trust to be permitted those kinds of actions