Solfege notation


there are one mistake in solfège notation in HookPad:
B = Si (and not ti).
C = Do
D = Ré
E = Mi
F = Fa
G = Sol
A = La


Hi @Boba77,

Hookpad uses movable-do solfege, whereby solfege syllables correspond to scale degrees, not note names. In this system (at least in the US, UK & Australia), the 7th scale degree is “ti”:

1 = do
2 = re
3 = mi
4 = fa
5 = sol
6 = la
7 = ti (Japan uses “si”)

Hookpad also uses the corresponding non-diatonic scale degree convention: di/ra, ri/me, fi/se, si/le, li/te

We realize that this has unfortunate similarities to the fixed-do solfege in romance languages whereby solfege syllables map directly to note names.

Hope this clears things up!


ok thanks, I didn’t know this et you have told me this pratical approach of solfege.

I will sleep less idiot this night…:slight_smile: