Software crashing .. menu disappears

I’m having so much trouble with Hookpad now I’m seriously thinking about dumping it. I’ve expanded the memory on my iMac, but every now and then I can’t insert a rest and then I notice the menu is gone. Hookpad is just not reliable enough for projects I’m afraid. Sorry!

@Marr, I’m sorry about these issues. If the menu is disappearing, this is probably not a memory issue. If you have a song where this is consistently happening, we’d be happy to look into it to figure out what is causing the crash.

Thanks Ryan! One of the worst issues was probably self-induced and arose because there is no way to perform repeats or codas, and I have to do a lot of cutting and pasting. One feature of this is originally I tried to copy everything, chords, voices, etc., and I suffered many crashes. The after trying several work arounds, finally, I copied one bar,one chord, and one voice at a time.

I’m not sure the spontaneous movement of notes under the mouse is self-induced though, and it would be nice if the user could limit or customise mouse actions because some seem somewhat unstable. Other than that the sounds are excellent and I no longer have to transfer my composition into Notion. Thanks again!

I have a lot of memory and this version crasssshhh when enable midi and record:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My crashes occur (spinning pizza on iMac) happen when I try to copy and paste several measures; so it does look like an insufficient memory problem, which I work around by copying and pasting one measure at a time … really tedious. This would be so much easier if we had repeat capability, such repeat A to B, etc. The only problem then would be lyrics, so those would also require repeats, such as A to B, C (Chorus) etc.

@Marr, thanks for the suggestion about the repeats and/or codas. This would definitely reduce the amount of copy/pasting and make your songs easier to write.

Back to your crashing issues, there shouldn’t be a big memory footprint by copying a lot of measures. In fact, if you paste into a text document you can see what we are sending to the clipboard, its just a relatively small amount of text. There is, however, a fairly large memory footprint associated with using a lot of instruments in your band(s). We’ve noticed that for computers with 4GB of RAM or less this can definitely be an issue. We’re actively working on trying to reduce this memory footprint, but sometimes this comes as a tradeoff to processor demand, which can also slow the app.

Also, have you tried using a different browser? Some users report drastically different performance in different browsers. We typically recommend using Chrome.

Ever since switching to Chrome, I haven’t experienced any problems. Thanks!