Simplified Lead Sheet Function - Just Chords & Lyrics

I have two related requests:

  1. Please allow lyrics to appear in measures as soon as they are entered…i.e before a melody is added!

Using the “sections” function currently allows me to set up and organize verses, chorus, bridge, etc. and then enter lyrics for each section and even separate the lyrics into measures simply by using the return key BUT the lyrics do not appear over chords UNLESS I input a melodic notation, which is both time consuming and frequently unnecessary for my purposes.

If the lyrics appeared by measure with or without notation one could then simply add chords to each measure which would enable delivery of my second request…

  1. Please add an export option of a simplified lead sheet with no tabs and no melodic notation…just lyrics and chords.

Thanks for considering

Hi, and thank you for your suggestions!

The way the lyrics are set up, your first request is not possible. Our lyrics’ syllables are strictly tied to actual notes in the arrangement and there is just no way to ignore this without creating lots of trouble. I’m sorry. So the quickest way to get what you need would be to enter a dummy melody with only root notes and then mute the melody instrument.

However your second request is a great idea and should be possible. It might take some time until I can realize it, but I’ll put it onto my task list. Are you looking for something like this?



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maybe a checkbox for the lyrics export to include the chords as shown (excellent song choice for the prototype example :slight_smile: )

one note: the dummy vocal melody will be exported in the MIDI whether it’s muted, inactive, etc. not sure if there is an option to suppress muted layers or instruments from the MIDI export.