[Showstopping bug] Audio stops working changing voicing, forcing you to save+reload

Hi, Tested and found on Chrome, Firefox, Brave on Mac, and Chrome+Firefox on Ipad.

If you change the voicing on your composition in the band settings (which you will always want to do once you’ve got a basic chords+melody in there and start arranging), the audio stutters then eventually dies, forcing you to save and reload. It does this after a very short period of time and is 100% reproducible. This bug cripples the app and makes it not usable for any proper composition.

Steps to reproduce:
Throw in some random chords with a melody, ideally 13ths.
Open the band (press B) and move the octave slider on harmony tracks to change the voicings.

First, the audio will stutter and drop out, then eventually all audio stops permanently, forcing a save and reload to continue, whereupon moving the octave sliders causes the same problem again very quickly.

This seems to be restarting the audio (or adding a second set of playing instruments?) when you move the slider after it recalculates the notes to play, eventually overloading the system. It’s worse depending on the complexity of the chords and the instruments playing. The fact that it goes wrong immediately upon moving the slider forcing a reload kills the usefulness of this app, such a shame as it is really useful apart from that!

Please, PLEASE fix this, as it kills its usefulness stone dead otherwise!

@walsh909, thanks for the bug report.

It’s true that changing the octave slider on a harmony track will force Hookpad to re-voice the chord progressions, which, depending on the timing and the performance of your machine, may cause the audio to momentarily cut out. However, this should only be temporary and subsequent plays should be unaffected. Are you saying that playback is completely broken for you after this happens? Does this happen with every instrument patch or just some of them?