Show notes in chords, play notes individually

I would like to be able to see the notes in a chord in hookpad. Right now you can only see this on the chord chart instrument when you PLAY the song you made, but now while you’re working on the song. I would like to be able to click on the chord and see the notes in it.

Additionally, if you could listen to the notes of the chord one note at a time, that would be helpful. Maybe you could click on a note in the chord chart and it would play.

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@Dangerousdashie, there are a couple ways to do this. One is Settings → Melody Staff → “Show Chord Compatibility Guides”. The other is to hover the mouse over any chord, once added to your project. Both of these “hide” the scale degrees/notes that are not in the chord in the melody staff. Is this what you are looking for?

This obviously doesn’t solve the “play notes individually” request, which is not possible right now.

Thanks but no, not what I’m looking for. That doesn’t show the order of the notes. For instance if C major is inverted, the colors still shows you C E G in that order.

It’s not that it shows the notes in the wrong order, it’s that every instance of that note is highlighted in every octave. Looking at the color of the chord itself tells you the bottom note.

Yes, I understand what its doing. It’s not what I’m looking for because it’s not showing the notes in the right order, regardless of what the intention of that function is. Looking at the bottom chord doesn’t tell you the order of the notes still, it just tells you the bottom note. If you have a G chord in the key of C, it will show you D G B instead of G B D. I want a way to see the actual order so I can see the movement from of note to the next.

Another option is to click the “Chord Chart” button, which will show a piano or guitar underneath Hookpad. If you then place your cursor in the chord area and click play, the piano lights up with the exact arrangement that Hookpad is playing.

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