Show Chord Compatibility Guides....Inversions?

Trying to get to grips with the HookPad and how it works.

Using the chords and I changed the settings to, 'Show chord compatibility guides. I like this feature, it helps you see how the chords are made and work together, but I’m not sure what I hear is what I see!?

For example: I played C, Dm, Em and F. The first 3 chords show as Root chords, but F shows as a 1st inversion. However, if I select 1st inversion, the sound changes, but the guides do not. I’m sure I’m missing something, so can anyone help… please?

When chords invert, they use the same notes, but one just gets shifted down an octave.

The chord compatibility guides show the chord’s notes and its visibility is limited to the range of the melody notes, so when you invert, it’s using the same notes and there is no need to expand the melody box to show the new root.

Hi and thanks for taking the time to answer!

Taking your explanation about the, ‘visibility is limited,’ I added a melody note and moved it up to show two octaves and you can then see all the, ‘compatibility’ notes.

So is there a way to show two octaves without adding a melody note, or I suppose I could just add a note from the relative chord!?

Many thanks again!

Nope, no way to show more than one octave when the melody is within an octave’s range. Unless you have a rest and move the entire melody down a few octaves, because rests stay at the same place no matter what (the first note of the scale).

I tried the rest and I see what you mean about staying in place, but it has an impact on timing? That’s why I decided to use a chord note.