Should we have a standard way to name TheoryTabs?

Should we have a standard system of naming them? We have a bunch of duplicates from improper naming, like having “ft.” where the author is, or in the title. The sheer number of examples of this is what made me make this thread.

A possible format:
Game/Album - Title {ft. whoever} by {Original Author}

Let me explain the above.

Game/Album: The original source of the song. Omit if the author has only made music for one game/album/single.

Title: Self-explanatory. Just put the title here. {{Come on devs, add in Unicode support for the titles}}

{ft. whoever}: If a song was made in collaboration with another person, the ft. part goes after the title. This prevents an author called “X ft. Y” from being made when “X” already exists.

{Original Author}: The author that isn’t the ft. one. If the song is a remix or an arrangement, the remixer/arranger is placed under the ft. section and the source author is used here.


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@bigyihsuan, I agree that a more flexible naming / cataloging scheme would be hugely beneficial. I actually have a lot of this mapped out; it just has not been on the top of our priority list. The scheme we would build is similar to what you have outlined, with additional flexibility. The idea of songs having multiple artists rather than a single artist named “Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar”, for example is a must. I also think having the album and year as metadata (similar to how we have genres as metadata now) would be useful. These things will come with time. Right now we are 100% focused on Hooktheory II and after that is released, Hookpad 2 (non-flash). Thank you for the feedback.