Should I buy or rent

Hello: out there. I have some questions

#1. What are the advantages & or drawbacks, of the one time buy verses monthly.

If you buy it can you use all of the sounds offline, like an app on a Mac & or on an iPad, will all the extras i.e. popular, search, magic, tone sets, base sets, progressions.

#2. Can search help me find ‘ finding specific tone within a chord i.e. ( CC#D or CD#G#) of course I am just looking for 3-note sonorities.

#3. I am guessing that you can’t make your ‘ my own chords ‘ or chord tones??

Well for now let’s just start with these 3-questions. Well thank you In advance…

Hey @TonalMaster666,

Once you use a sound patch, Hookpad caches it in your browser for offline use. So if you come back to Hookpad w/o internet, any previously used sound patches are available. Hookpad web app also works w/o an internet connection after the first use. Your browser will cache it for offline use.

Same deal here. If you have used them once, the assets Hookpad downloads that let these work are cached and they will work offline.

Tone Sets is probably what you’ll find the most helpful here. You can demo Tone Sets for 90 seconds to see how it functions to see if it does what you want. Tone sets shows you chords that include the notes you choose. Use the multi-select option to show chords that include two or more specified notes.

Correct (sort of). The chord palettes, chord search, and chord inspector let you pretty much find any chord you can name. But if you wanted a chord that had three particular notes, and you didn’t know how to name that chord, you can use Tone Sets to show you the subset of all chords that have those three notes, and choose from them. It’s not exactly the same as specifying an arbitrary set of notes tho.

Hope this helps!