Shift pitch of each chord independent of other chords

There is only one thing that I wish Hookpad would do. I don’t know if Hookpad isn’t capable of doing this or if it is capable and I just don’t know how to do it. According to my present understanding there are only 2 ways to shift the pitch of chords:

  1. change the chord inversion

  2. slide the octave slider in the band interface.

If I select a chord and then slide the octave slider in the band interface it changes the pitch of the selected chord, but it also changes the pitches of all the other chords in the track. I would like to be able to change the pitch of one chord without changing the pitches of the other chords in the track. This way I could, for example, make one chord really low and have the following chord be really high.

If Hookpad is not currently able to do this then one option would be to add “up” and “down” buttons to the chord inversion controls. In this case each time the user pressed the “up” button the chord would shift to its next higher inversion. This way, pressing the “up” button many times would result in a very high chord, even if it was surrounded by a bunch of very low chords.

So I would like to put in this feature request, or else request advice on how to achieve this effect in the event that Hookpad already has this capability.

Hooktheory support just told me about a cool workaround for this issue. Just make a new band marker/section that lasts only as long as the high chord and use the band’s octave slider to raise the pitch of that chord. This has two drawbacks though:

  1. it affects what the drums play in a way that may be undesirable.

  2. it doesn’t work if the chord in question lasts less than one measure.

I would like to suggest that the ability to shift the pitches of chords independently of each other would be a very useful feature to add to Hookpad. This is so because it is very common in rock music for chord pitches to jump by large amounts from one chord to the next, like the beginning of “Pearl Necklace” by ZZ Top or the chorus of “Rock You Like a Hurricane”.

Thanks to whoever is listening!

I as well support the idea of being able to change the pitch of a chord independently.

Still waiting for a reply on this thread. It would be so great if Hookpad had this feature. It is a glaring omission and it is the only thing I can think of that I don’t like about Hookpad! With this feature Hookpad would be the perfect songwriting app!!!