Seventh chords missing from MIDI export

It appears that when exporting tabs that contain 7th chords to MIDI, the 7ths are omitted from the resulting MIDI file, leaving only the unembellished triads.

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I’m having the same issue. At first, I thought it had to do with Logic, but it’s clearly happening to everyone. Must be a problem on Hooktheory. I can’t believe they haven’t responded to your report since May…

Hi, i came here to check if this is a missing feature… just (re)started my subscription but its kind of useless if it cant export more than a normal triad…


Welcome back! Hookpad exports MIDI exactly the same as it voices for performance. So if you use a RH (3-note) voicing, then you will only get three notes in your midi chord track. This will be a proper 3-note voicing though, so all the important chord tones will be there (e.g., 7th chords are voiced: [3, 5, 7], 9th chords are voiced [3, 7, 9], and 13th chords are voiced [3, 7, 13]).

If you want all of the chord tones, then you simply need to pick an instrument in the band browser for your Harmony track that performs a full chord voicing, such as KeysPiano Full Chords

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ah wow, thanks for the info, awesome.